PenFed Realty Concierge

Thinking about moving but afraid of the hassle?
With PenFed Realty Concierge—available exclusively through a PenFed Realty agent—moving goes from stressFUL to stress-FREE.

Are you thinking about buying or selling your home? We know moving can be super stressful, and even a deterrent to taking the first step and hiring an agent. That’s why we exclusively offer our clients PenFed Realty Concierge: a FREE tool to make moving easy and assist you with all of your home management needs­—for life!


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Moving made easy

PenFed Realty Concierge transforms moving from stressful to stress free. Stay organized with a week-by-week checklist, evaluate and hire movers, seamlessly transfer utilities, and submit your change of address all in one place.


Available everywhere you are

PenFed Realty Concierge’s online platform is available from your desktop, via mobile app, and by voice command with your smart home speaker. Looking for a human touch? Call your LIVE, dedicated specialist any time!


Protecting your investment

Buying a home is the biggest investment most people will make in their lives­—so why would you put it in the hands of unvetted vendors from Yelp? With PenFed Realty Concierge, you have instant recommendations for trusted professionals from your PenFed Realty agent for everything from appliance repairs to window cleaning.


Your concierge for life

Just like your PenFed Realty agent, your PenFed Realty Concierge is with you for life! After you’ve settled into your new home, you can count on PFRC for all of your home management needs and vendor recommendations until your next move.


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